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Our goal with Clothes Maker has always revolved around offering premium wardrobe staples at an affordable price. Starting with an emphasis on fit and custom-developed fabrics, we create affordable wardrobe solutions for all. Behind each piece is a commitment to minimalist and durable practices. The result is premium and affordable style made right here in LA for everyday and everyone.



We create our staple hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts from custom-developed fabrics produced right at home, in our Los Angeles headquarters. In doing so, we’re able to offer an alternative to unaffordable, mass-produced basics. Instead, we create true value by bringing together US-based production and minimalist appeal at an affordable price. With our ever-maturing range of simple and minimalistic styles, Clothes Maker introduces a new meaning to premium basics. 



The Clothes Maker difference is all in the fit. Through a special process, we rethink clothing design from scratch to go beyond your standard “oversized” clothing to create pre-shrunk, overfit styles. We also created high dense fabric for the perfect silhouette, while adhering to premium, quality features. Last but not least, a 3-step garment wash process offers styles in unique colorways. 



It all started with a fashion dilemma. Our Founder and Creative Director David was on the hunt for basic wardrobe solutions. He searched far and wide for premium basics that merge fit, quality, and affordability, and he couldn’t find anything that he was happy with. So, with years of experience in clothing manufacturing, David set off on a journey to reinvent basics with an uncommon approach: simple design with high quality materials, at a reasonable price. Following dozens of trials and iterations, he finally created premium basics to make the everyman look and feel incredible — featuring the best mix of fit, quality and affordability. Today, Clothes Maker is more than a clothing brand, it’s a statement that takes you from school, to work, and through your everyday life with style and ease. Through every stage, we proudly craft each item in-house with a special attention to detail. During our journey, we have also focused our efforts on producing high-quality pieces that will last for years. And because we believe that quality and style is for everyone, we design for both men and women by offering designs that anyone can appreciate.We’re so excited and overjoyed to build Clothes Maker for you and our community. As we continue to grow, we promise our mission to offer premium wardrobe staples at an affordable price will remain the same.